Build With Robots enables others to leverage collaborative robots (CoBots). We provide access, training, expertise and business opportunities for organizations and individuals to apply this disruptive automation technology. We strive to identify CoBot applications within new vertical markets, and to use economic development resources and venture capital to launch and scale new business ventures.

At one time, robotics was science fiction, something only read about in books. In today’s world, robots are becoming part of our daily life. Our CoBot technologies make robotics accessible to everyone. We developed our company to help you embrace this technology and harness its capabilities.

Build With Robots
provides access to fast-growing robot technology at Innovate ABQ

Build With Robots introduces the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (CoBots) to central New Mexico’s economy.  Entrepreneurs and inventors interested in learning about CoBot technology and applications will have access to CoBots at CNM Ingenuity’s FUSE Makerspace at the Innovate ABQ campus.

Build With Robots is a regional distributor covering New Mexico and El Paso for Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots. In contrast to conventional industrial robots, CoBots are safer to work alongside humans to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks, from manufacturing tasks to painting to screw driving; they can be re-purposed for new tasks easily without the need for complex coding; and they’re relatively inexpensive at $26,450 for a base model.

At the FUSE Makerspace, Build With Robots is:

The FUSE Makerspace, located at the Innovate ABQ campus, provides students, entrepreneurs, small businesses and hobbyists access to high-tech machinery and computer software to design and prototype new products, create artistic works or pursue their hobbies while working in a collaborative, supportive environment. In addition to cobots, the Makerspace is outfitted with equipment for wood, metal and machine shops; electronics fabrication; laser and vinyl cutting; 3D printing; and screen printing.

Randy Krall

Randy Krall is co-founder of Build With Robots, where he leads the technical aspects of the business. Randy also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Wellkeeper, Inc., a supplier of technology for remote monitoring of oil and gas wells. Prior to Wellkeeper, he helped form three other startups. Randy has over 25 years of experience successfully designing, implementing and managing Information Technology solutions for dozens of government and commercial users. Randy’s vision and leadership skills have been developed and tested in a variety of commercial, government, and non-profit settings including executive roles at Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation. 

Chris Ziomek

Chris Ziomek is co-founder of Build With Robots, and is driving the vision of a robot-based ecosystem and economic engine in the New Mexico region. Chris also currently serves as an adviser and investor within many New Mexico-based startups. Chris has over 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry, as a serial entrepreneur, business unit general manager, engineering manager, and electronics designer. Prior to his current roles, Chris was Senior Vice President at LitePoint, the wireless test division of Teradyne Corporation (TER). Chris was President and founder of ZTEC Instruments, a high-tech startup that was acquired by LitePoint/Teradyne in 2013. Before ZTEC, he worked as a section leader at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and as a microwave engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Chris holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of New Mexico.


We are committed to helping others leverage and deploy the latest automation technologies. Our success is measured in the success of others.

Our goal is to bring amazing technology that contributes to the hi-tech growth in the New Mexico region. It is important to us to give back to our community through various programs and by working with our many partners.