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CNM Robotics Class

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) adds Intro to Robotics class for Spring 2020. Course number MT 2096 is a semester-long for-credit class that introduces students to robotic automation. This course is taught by CNM Professor James Berry in partnership with Build With Robots. Curriculum includes robotics basics, controls and sensor I/O, robot programming, object detection, mobility, and industrial IoT. Hands-on applications include robotic machine tending, sanding and welding.


Changing the Way We Paint

Build With Robots has helped launch PaintingBots, a startup focused on revolutionizing the way we paint. The world is changing. Painting is changing, and PaintingBots is leading that change. PaintingBots will change the way we paint by offering a cleaner, more efficient and higher quality painting solution. PaintingBots is founded by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who are building a world-leading company to improve the painting industry through the use of data and automation.

NM Entrepreneurs Club Podcast

NM Entrepreneurs Club Podcast

Chris Ziomek, founder of Build With Robots, joins the NM Entrepreneurs Club for the inaugural episode of their podcast series. Learn more about the future of robotics, the founding story behind Build With Robots, and the company’s ambitious goals. The NM Entrepreneurs Club podcast series features innovative, dynamic personalities and industry leaders from our great state. From high technology to master coffee roasters, this podcast shares the best of the Land of Enchantment! Listen here.

Isotopes Science Night

Robot Baseball at Isotopes Science Night

Albuquerque Isotopes Science Night is on Friday Aug. 9, 2019. Come see the Isotopes play the San Antonio Missions, and tour various science exhibits throughout Isotopes Park. Build With Robots will hold a family-friendly robot baseball throwing contest. Join the fun and come play with our baseball throwing collaborative robot. Reserved Level tickets are available at a reduced price of $9 when using the promo code FAMILY online or at the Isotopes Park Box Office. More information is available here.

Robot Adopters vs. Non-Adopters

Robot Adopters vs. Non-Adopters

A comprehensive study based upon data from Spain shows a stark contrast between firms that adopt robot technology and those that do not. Spain has one of the highest robot density levels per worker in Europe. The data come from the Encuesta Sobre Estrategias Empresariales (ESEE), an annual survey of around 1,900 Spanish manufacturing firms with very detailed information about firms’ manufacturing processes, including the use of robots and other advanced technologies, costs, prices, employment, and so forth.

The graph of Robot Adopters vs. Non-Adopters, which is constructed from the ESEE dataset, provides a clear indication that the adoption of robots greatly influences the labor market. It shows that firms that adopted robots between 1990 and 1998 (‘Robot Adopters’) increased the number of jobs by more than 50% between 1998 and 2016, while firms that did not adopt robots (‘Non-Adopters’) reduced the number of jobs by more than 20% over the same period.

This study provides striking conclusions regarding the implications of production automation and robot technology. The data strongly suggests that Robot Adopters expand their scale of operations and create jobs, while Non-Adopters experience negative output and employment effects in the face of tougher competition. Aggregate productivity gains are partly driven by substantial intra-industry reallocation of market share and resources. In other words, high-productivity Robot Adopters take market share and jobs from low-productivity Non-Adopters. Contrary to some misconceptions around robots, embracing automation will grow jobs and the economy.

machine tending CoBot

Opportunity in Automation

Read about the opportunity in automation — for businesses and workers — described by New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NM-MEP). Two years ago, NM-MEP teamed up with Build With Robots (BWR) to offer CoBot seminars and hands-on CoBot application demonstrations.Today, NM-MEP and BWR continue to work together to build New Mexico’s manufacturing sector, helping companies transition to advanced automation. Continue reading …

China’s CoBot Revolution

This article from OZY describes how China is preparing for changes in the world’s manufacturing climate over the coming decades. China — already at the forefront of the global robot revolution — is laying the foundations for an alternative model for robots: “collaborative automation solutions” — known as CoBots — that work with humans instead of replacing them. China’s plan is an industrial landscape where CoBots will work alongside human workers to create a semi-autonomous production process drawing on the strengths of both.

The emerging Chinese automation strategy is aimed at reshaping the world’s approach to robotics. Unlike robots, CoBots aren’t meant for fully automated large-scale industrial production; they’re designed to take on a range of tasks aimed at assisting their human co-workers, making them particularly attractive for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). CoBots are an increasingly attractive proposition for modernizing production lines in SMEs. And as businesses throughout the world search for new competitive advantages, China provides one example of how to leverage the coming changes in manufacturing. Read more.


Future of Work Event

Future of Work Event

Join us as we discuss and explore the future of work. Futurists estimate that up to 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet*. This Future of Work community event is hosted by Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). Learn how you and your company can prepare for the work opportunities of the future.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Peter Bishop, will discuss ideas on the future of work. Peter Bishop is founder and Executive Director of Teach the Future. He led the University of Houston Master’s in Foresight program for 30 years and is the author of Teaching About the Future.

After the event, refreshments will be provided with an opportunity for networking and further discussion. Build With Robots is an event sponsor and will be demonstrating our coffee-serving bot.

The event will be held on CNM Main Campus on Thursday February 7, 2019 at 3:30 pm.

Seating is limited, so purchase your ticket here!

*from the Robot Ready Report