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Breezy Link™

A wireless gateway for connecting Breezy smart devices to the Breezy Cloud™ data warehouse for real-time and historical data logging and notifications.

breezy link front view
All Breezy Platform™ smart devices use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication to interact and securely share data. Breezy Link connects the BLE data from Breezy Blue™ or Breezy Sense™ to the Breezy Cloud™ data warehouse via a single LAN or Wi-Fi connection. One Breezy Link will connect many Breezy devices within a facility.

Gateway to Breezy Cloud™

Breezy Link is the Gateway to the secure Breezy Cloud data warehouse that offers keen insights into janitorial workflow efficiencies, indoor health, energy usage, and the environmental comfort within a commercial facility.

  • User accounts for visualizing facility data via web-based dashboards
  • Real-time and historical views of the disinfection, indoor air quality, occupancy, and environmental conditions within a facility
  • Data stored with time tags and location tags
  • End user notifications via email or text message for events such as fogging complete, fogger empty, or unhealthy indoor air quality
Cloud dashboard