Full-Stack Software Engineer 

Build With Robots is looking for a passionate team player to grow our leading-edge robotics company. You’ll join a world-class team of software and hardware developers inventing and deploying collaborative robots that help people do their jobs in a variety of industries and applications. 

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Work with internal and external customers to understand, prototype and deliver web-based dashboards to support robot and IoT management workflows. 
  • Create high-performance databases to store telemetry for dashboarding and data analytics. Integrate data collection and data presentation with robots and dashboards. 
  • Develop cloud-based microservices to route, process and analyze telemetry data. 
  • Development of software system architecture and procedures for implementation, testing, deployment and validation. 
  • Contribute to the architecture and design of our secure cloud-based data infrastructure. 
  • Develop graphical user interfaces for robot touchscreens and displays. 
  • Develop remote monitoring and automation for robot control. 
  • Ensure that our online resources are secure by implementing appropriate user authorization and authentication measures. 
  • Work with designers and end-users to create aesthetically appealing user experiences. 
  • Process management & continuous improvement including: 
  • Understanding and supporting project and team goals. 
  • Refinement of software development tools, systems and processes. 
  • Modular implementation for re-use and development efficiency. 
  • Documentation & process automation. 


Minimum requirements: 

  • Strong command of a major object-oriented programming language, such as C++, Python, Java or Go. 
  • Strong understanding of some of: Javascript, Node.js, Angular, React, Python Flask, or similar. 
  • Familiarity with a public cloud provider: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud… 
  • Experience with Linux development environment and Full Stack deployment on Linux. 
  • 4-year technical degree or equivalent experience/education
  • Preference for: 
    • Experience with C++. 
    • Understanding of IoT principles, including MQTT, RabbitMQ, time series databases… 
    • Experience with Grafana a strong advantage. 
    • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes (or Swarm) and/or microservice architectures. 

Apply on-line by sending us your resume in PDF format.