Systems Engineer

Build With Robots is looking for a passionate team contributor to grow our robotics startup.  You’ll join a team of software and hardware developers inventing and deploying collaborative robots that help people do their jobs in a variety of industries and applications.

We believe in the dignity and value of work. We are in business to make workers’ lives better.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Software systems development:
    • Design and develop software systems for deployment, maintenance, security, and management of robot fleets.
    • Design and develop manufacturing software systems, including collection, storage, and visualization of manufacturing data.
    • Design and develop robot telemetry systems, including data warehousing and remote monitoring of robots.
    • Work with internal and external customers to support robot management workflows.
    • Work with designers and end-users to create aesthetically appealing user experiences.
    • Advise company management about product deployment and support.
  • Process management and continuous improvement:
    • Support team goals and co-workers.
    • Refine software development tools, systems, and processes.
    • Practice modular design for re-use efficiency.
    • Document and automate.


  • Minimum requirements:
    • Strong command of C++.
    • Experience managing software deployment and field upgrades to customers.
    • Experience with software development on Linux.
    • 4-year technical degree or equivalent experience/education.
    • 3+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Preference for:
    • Experience with IoT fleet software management.
    • Experience with data collection and flow in manufacturing systems.
    • Familiarity with cloud computing and data storage.
    • Understanding of IT infrastructure, including wifi/cellular routers and VPNs.
    • Understanding of IoT principles, including MQTT, RabbitMQ, time series database.
    • Understanding of good cybersecurity practices.
  • Preference for:
    • Experience with automation, robotics and/or sensors, ability to read schematics
    • Experience with Robot Operating System (ROS) middleware
    • Experience with Javascript and/or other web programming languages
    • Experience with cloud-based and/or distributed data processing systems
    • Understanding of IoT, embedded and/or cloud security concepts

Apply on-line by sending us your resume in PDF format.