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Build With Robots is creating opportunities for CoBot startups

Build With Robots helps entrepreneurs and companies develop new automation solutions using collaborative robots.  We help entrepreneurs and businesses grow and expand into new markets by providing access to and training in CoBot technologies. For example, we are working with corporate sponsors to deploy CoBot solutions across many industries including manufacturing, hospitality, and construction. Build With Robots will help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies create the next generation of automation solutions and new market-leading companies.

Incubating CoBot startups is part of New Mexico’s economic solution

PBS NewsHour segment on economic development in New Mexico

Build With Robots makes a brief appearance in this PBS NewsHour segment on economic development initiatives within New Mexico. Our mission to incubate cobot-based business opportunities in New Mexico is part of the solution.

While much of the U.S. economy is on the rebound, New Mexico remains in the dumps since the recession hit a decade ago. Part of the problem may be a statewide brain drain: educated young people taking their careers — and expertise — elsewhere. Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports on New Mexico’s mission to bring back its young, energetic entrepreneurs.

Automating Non-Destructive Testing with CoBots

Vibrant’s non-destructive testing solution for aircraft bolts

Build With Robots partnered with Albuquerque-based Vibrant Corporation to automate Vibrant’s Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy test systems using collaborative robots. This third generation robot solution uses CoBots to greatly reduce the automation complexity, system cost and integration effort. Notice that this new CoBot automation solution eliminates the safety caging and interlocking required for conventional robots.

Vibrant’s non-destructive testing (NDT) solution collects ultrasonic resonance data and uses advanced pattern recognition and data analytics to inspect aerospace components ranging from engine components to the aircraft bolts shown in the video. This NDT system performs accurate, fast and automated inspections for material variations, geometric variations, and defects that affect structural integrity.