Build With Robots is creating opportunities for CoBot startups

Robots are changing the world, but not in the way that many people think. Robots are not replacing people – instead, robots are enabling the next generation of tools to offload dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. This is completely changing how things are done and made. Right now, innovations in robotic arms, sensors and data science make the next generations of tools possible. Robotic solutions can be deployed into new industries and applications. Most industries are unaware of this possibility, and Build With Robots is helping to close the last mile of industry-specific integration and commercialization.

At Build With Robots, we help entrepreneurs and businesses develop new automation solutions to grow and expand into new markets. We are working with partners to deploy automation solutions across industries as diverse as aerospace, construction, medicine, and advanced manufacturing. We accomplish this by providing access to:

  • Integrated smart robotic solutions & technology
  • A smart automation software development environment and IP for faster deployment
  • A systematic process to greatly accelerate market entry
  • Startup equipment and capital

Contact us if you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial company looking to create the next generation of automation solutions and market-leading products.

Build With Robots Portfolio

Kane Robotics

Robotic Composite Bond Preparation Solution from Kane Robotics

Kane Robotics provides robotic systems that finish aerospace structures. Leveraging technology developed in partnership with Build With Robots, these innovative robotic grinding and sanding solutions help Kane’s aerospace customers increase worker productivity, improve quality and decrease waste. Kane Robotics is a spinoff of Kane Aerospace, which is located in Chino, California. Read more in the Albuquerque Business First and the Albuquerque Journal.


Do you remember the last time you painted? Was it easy? Hard physical labor, paint everywhere, hours of cleanup, and mediocre results. Now there is a better way! PaintingBots is the next generation of painting technology. Imagine picking a color, setting up a robot in 10 minutes, and coming back to perfectly painted rooms and buildings! Each year, enough paint is applied to cover the entire state of Texas. Most is applied by hand at great expense. This is going to change…soon!