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Collaborative Robots (CoBots)

Universal Robots is the market leader in Collaborative Robots. With over twenty thousand CoBots deployed across numerous industries, Universal Robots is leading the way in helping end-users deploy CoBots into new applications and markets. CoBots are highly disruptive automation because:

  • CoBots are collaborative – they are safe to work alongside humans to augment dangerous, dirty or repetitive tasks
  • CoBots are easy to deploy – training a CoBot on a new task is done without coding, by using wizards and graphical CoBot apps that anyone can learn
  • CoBots are inexpensive – the savings in productivity and quality pay back a CoBot investment quickly
CoBot family

Grippers, Torque Sensors, Cameras

Robotiq is a leading manufacturer of end effectors for robots and especially for CoBots. Robotiq end effector solutions include grippers, force sensors and camera attachments that come with complete turn-key application software. Robotiq’s tools and application examples greatly simplify CoBot integration, so factories can start production faster.

Mobile CoBot Platform

The EasyRobotics ER5 mobile CoBot platform is a compact mobile workstation for use in fully or partly automated production environments. The ER5 enables fast changeover for applications where a CoBot needs to be portable or moved between production stations. This portable CoBot platform can be moved by one person without the use of a forklift or pallet truck. The ER5’s rugged industrial design includes a CoBot mounting stand, a ventilated cabinet for the controller box, heavy duty rubber wheels, and four adjustable foot stands for stability when set down.


CoBot Welding

CoBot Welding demos and training are available at the FUSE Makerspace.  Our CoBot Welding System can be operated by welding professionals to improve safety, quality and productivity of welding operations. For most any MIG welding project, a CoBot welder can be setup within minutes and will make near-perfect welds. In partnership with CNM Ingenuity, Build With Robots offers one-week training classes in CoBot welding. These hands-on classes teach welders everything they need to deploy and utilize a CoBot welder.

CoBot Pick-and-Place with Vision

This pick-and-place demo uses a CoBot from Universal Robots with end effector hardware and software from Robotiq. Plug-and-play camera hardware and software allow quick part teaching and design changes for a fast time to production. Robotiq’s object identification software uses machine learning to fully automate the pattern recognition process. A user does not need a background in robotics or vision to develop this type of application. One simply photographs the desired object and uses a software wizard to define the selection criteria. CoBot software accomplishes the rest of the finding and gripping of randomly-arranged objects. The Robotiq Wrist Camera is ideal for CoBot pick-and-place industrial applications where objects are not palletized of prearranged.