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Ask us to help deploy CoBots in your business

CoBots Create Competitive Advantages

Because CoBots are easy to use and deploy, everyone can leverage this new technology as a competitive advantage. Don’t get left behind as your competitors adopt the latest automation. Contact us today – we can help you get started.

Cobot Rentals

We have CoBot rental programs that offer a low-risk way to see for yourself the simplicity and value of CoBot automation. All rentals are supported by our experts to get you up and running.

Customized Training & Projects

In partnership with CNM Ingenuity, we offer CoBot training. In addition to general-purpose CoBot application classes, we offer customized classes that address your specific automation applications and projects. Your workers will become CoBot experts and, at the same time, complete customized automation projects for your business.

Automation Cell Design Support

In partnership with NM-MEP, we offer automation cell design using the concepts of lean robotics. Our experts will help you design a customized automation solution that fits your requirements.

Automation Engineering Projects

We can setup a corporate sponsorship for you to partner with engineering teams at New Mexico State University. A multi-disciplinary design team from NMSU will develop an automation solution to meet your specific needs.

Cobot lineup

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