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Breezy One is the autonomous disinfecting robot designed for large facilities such as arenas, schools, airports, government buildings, and more. The disinfectant is Green Clean Certified and EPA List-N approved, so it is safe and effective against COVID-19.

The robot's fogging mechanism ensures all areas are reached, with particles so small that they remain suspended in the air. This disinfection method is aligned with GBAC STAR's Accreditation Program and is proven to be effective. Breezy One is the innovative solution that many facilities are looking towards to help stay open during the pandemic and reduce other disease transmission as we head into the future.

Arenas & Stadiums

Packing a large crowd of people in one area is a catalyst for disease outbreaks. Cancelling sports and other events should not be the only way to prevent this - disinfecting allows people to congregate safely.

breezy one at the Pit in Albuquerque


Most children need in-class interaction for maximum success in school. It is important to keep schools open and safe. Prioritizing health and safety means prioritizing learning.

demonstrating the breezy one at a school


Regular cleaning and disinfecting increases an airport's credibility. It is great to see people traveling again, but don't let your customers bring harmful pathogens with them!

breezy one in an airport terminal


The US was unprepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, and that cannot happen again. Government facilities and their workers must be safe at all times, especially during crises.

breezy one in an office


Breezy One allows janitors to more easily and effectively uphold public health. Schedule a demo to see Breezy One in action.

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