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Breezy Blue™ Smart Fogger Update: Improving the User Experience

Tomorrow, February 1, Breezy Blue™ is getting its first update of 2024! Build With Robots is thrilled to announce the latest enhancements, showcasing our Engineering Team’s ongoing commitment to refining products and delivering top-tier disinfection tools with unparalleled efficiency and user-friendliness.

Firmware Changes:

Improved device stability during long-term storage: The post-fog valve timing has been modified to leave fluid in the lines, reducing the chance of valves drying out during storage.
Enhanced safety feature: An error state has ben added that disables the fogger if a major electrical issue is detected. This ensures the safety of the device during fog events.
Other minor improvements.

Controller Changes:

⚠️ symbol will be shown as the status icon for Breezy Blue that are in error state. Breezy Blue cannot be used when in this state.
❓ symbol will be shown over the tank icon if there is a tank level error. Breezy Blue can still be used but won’t show the tank level.


This comprehensive update aims to elevate the user experience with Breezy Blue, ensuring a seamless and enhanced operation. Users are encouraged to promptly update their firmware and controller to leverage these improvements fully.

For step-by-step instructions on updating Breezy Blue's firmware and controller, users can refer to the Breezy Smart Controller User Manual (hint: page 24).

Breezy Blue users, rejoice! Your trusted disinfection tool just got even smarter. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Build With Robots Team!


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