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How Robots Are Taking Over Schools

Schools are innovating, and technology can look different in every facility depending on their needs. Implementing new tools, such as robots, can reshape a school and cause unease among staff. However, when done correctly, the transition can go smoothly. As robots and tech start taking over education, administrators are keeping an open mind and considering what is best for their school, staff, and students.

At Build With Robots, Breezy One and Breezy Blue Response have the same purpose of disinfecting, but with very different designs. Breezy One is autonomous, so it can run a route without supervision, and Breezy Blue is stationary and operated by a remote. Here are four ways schools have used our disinfecting bots.

1. Breezy Blue for Autonomous Classroom Disinfection

At McCurdy Charter School, Director Sarah Tario chose to put a Breezy Blue Response unit in every classroom. This gives teachers the power to disinfect any time that suits their schedule. If a sick student comes to school, their teacher can now protect themself and the rest of their class by fogging with Breezy Blue.

2. Breezy Blue for Rapid Building Disinfection

Anansi Charter School took a different approach with the same robot. The school consists of three buildings; therefore, they decided to buy three Breezy Blue Response units. In this case, the custodians are in charge of disinfecting, and they are able to do it quickly and easily by taking the minibot from room to room.

3. Breezy One for Total Facility Disinfection

St. Mary’s Catholic School took in some Breezy One robots near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their janitor ran the robots every night by simply pressing the button. Breezy One is able to go into every classroom, fog, and continue on to finish its route quickly. As a result, Principal Becky Sanchez saw a boost in student enrollment, fewer nurse visits, and better attendance.

4. The Breezy One + Breezy Blue Combo

Turquoise Trail Charter School (TTCS) uses Breezy One and Breezy Blue Response throughout their school. While Breezy One runs through the classrooms, gym, and cafeteria, Breezy Blue can be used in other places. TTCS uses the minibot to disinfect buses, portable classrooms, and other places that Breezy One doesn’t cover. The students and staff of TTCS now have a cleaner, safer community.

So, robots aren’t really taking over schools – Build With Robots gives administrators the power to choose how to deploy and use their technology. Breezy One and Breezy Blue Response are powerful tools, but they are also easy to use. Putting them into the hands of custodians, teachers, or even the principal will protect every person without complicating anyone’s job.