CoBots in Legendary New Mexico

April 30, 2018

Build With Robots and CoBots make an appearance on Fox/KRQE’s Legendary New Mexico series as part of The Next Generation of CNM. Our partnership with CNM Ingenuity to bring CoBots to the FUSE Makerspace is helping to create leading-edge companies and a future-skilled workforce. The FUSE Makerspace is ground zero for prototype manufacturing to small…

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NMMEP CoBot Seminar at San Juan College on March 20, 2018

March 13, 2018

Build With Robots partners with New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NMMEP) to introduce collaborative robots to New Mexico’s manufacturers. As part of NMMEP’s mission to strengthen and grow New Mexico’s manufacturing, NMMEP is introducing CoBot technology to give New Mexico manufacturers a competitive advantage through advanced automation. In partnership with NMMEP, Build With Robots offers CoBot…

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PBS NewsHour on Economic Development in New Mexico

January 27, 2018

Build With Robots makes a brief appearance in this PBS NewsHour segment on economic development initiatives within New Mexico. Our mission to incubate cobot-based business opportunities in New Mexico is part of the solution. While much of the U.S. economy is on the rebound, New Mexico remains in the dumps since the recession hit a…

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Randy Krall

Cobot Training at FUSE Makerspace

November 30, 2017

Introduction to Collaborative Robots workshop is now available at the FUSE Makerspace. Build With Robots and FUSE Makerspace are teaming up to introduce the fast-growing technology of Collaborative Robots (cobots) to central New Mexico’s economy.  Anyone interested in cobot technology and applications is welcome to join this 4 hour workshop with Build with Robots co-founder, Randy Krall.…

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CoBot-based automation

Rapid Growth of Cobots in APAC Region

October 14, 2017

At present, Collaborative Robot usage is growing faster in the Asia Pacific region than within Europe or the US. This Economic Times article describes the rapid growth of cobots in India, including applications in automotive, health care, education and research. Over the long term, this trend is likely to reverse with the US taking a leadership…

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Pizza Making Robots

October 8, 2017

Zume has raised over $70M to automate pizza-making using robots.  Let’s see if Build With Robots can help automate Albuquerque pizza-making using collaborative robots for a small fraction of this investment.

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Fuse Makerspace Cobots

October 4, 2017

Build with Robots and CNM Ingenuity join together in what will surely be a huge step for tech in Albuquerque. CNM Ingenuity, which manages all of CNM’s commercial activities, signed a partnership agreement with Albuquerque startup Build with Robots. This partnership brings collaborative robot (cobot) arms and accessories into the FUSE Makerspace. Build with Robots is…

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