At Build With Robots, we form partnerships to bring together the latest automation technology, economic development resources and venture capital. Our goal is to identify and scale collaborative robot applications within new vertical markets. Bringing these three elements together creates the leverage, resources and focus required to launch and scale new cobot automation ventures. Our partners include:

Universal Robots logo

Universal Robots is the market leader in Collaborative Robots. With over twenty thousand CoBots deployed across numerous industries, Universal Robots is leading the way in helping customers deploy CoBots into new applications and markets. CoBots differ from conventional industrial robots:

  • CoBots are collaborative – they are safe to work alongside humans to augment dangerous or repetitive tasks
  • CoBots are easy to re-purpose – training a CoBot on a new task can be done without coding, by moving the CoBot through the desired operations
  • CoBots are inexpensive – a CoBot investment is paid back quickly
FUSE Makerspace logo

FUSE Makerspace, which operates under CNM Ingenuity, Inc., opened in 2016 as a community resource to help stoke the growing startup spirit and foster creative exploration and economic growth. The Makerspace provides entrepreneurs, small businesses, students and hobbyists access to high-tech machinery and computer software to design and prototype new products, create artistic works or pursue their hobbies while working in a collaborative, supportive environment. It’s outfitted with equipment for wood, metal and machine shops; electronics fabrication; laser and vinyl cutting; 3D printing; screen printing; and robotics. Build With Robots brings access to and training in collaborative robots to the FUSE Makerspace community.

NMSU logo

Build With Robots partners with New Mexico State University (NMSU) to create opportunities for students to work with collaborative robots. NMSU’s mission to educate students in the latest technologies is closely aligned with Build With Robots’ mission to develop a CoBot-based technology hub and business ecosystem within New Mexico.

CoBots are now part of NMSU’s College-wide multidisciplinary Capstone projects. Students use two CoBots within the Aggie Innovation Space to develop novel automation solutions for a variety of industries. In support of NMSU, Build With Robots teaches a series of CoBot programming courses. Upon completion of these courses, NMSU students can do advanced work with CoBot automation. In addition to training, Build With Robots connects NMSU with corporate sponsors who offer student teams the ability to work on real-world automation projects. The partnership between Build With Robots and NMSU creates opportunities for New Mexico students to learn and work with the technologies and applications of the future.

Universal Robots logo

Robotiq is a leading manufacturer of end-effectors for robots and especially for CoBots. Their end-effector solutions include grippers, force sensors and camera attachments that come with complete turn-key application software. Robotiq’s tools and application examples greatly simplify CoBot integration, so factories can start production faster.

NMMEP logo

Build With Robots partners with New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NMMEP) to introduce collaborative robots to New Mexico’s manufacturers. As part of NMMEP’s mission to strengthen and grow New Mexico’s manufacturing, NMMEP is introducing CoBot technology to give New Mexico manufacturers a competitive advantage through advanced automation.

In partnership with NMMEP, Build With Robots offers CoBot seminars and hands-on CoBot application demos. These seminars introduce New Mexico manufacturers to CoBot automation and show how CoBots are used to automate quickly and cost-effectively. Because CoBots are safe alongside people and can be re-purposed easily, they are a valuable tool for manufacturers with medium-volume or high-mix production. Overall, the partnership between Build With Robots and NMMEP is creating opportunities for New Mexico manufacturers to grow and become more competitive through innovative technology.