CoBot Training


In partnership with CNM, Build With Robots offers CoBot training classes in the programming, applications and servicing of collaborative robots. These hands-on classes enable users to quickly gain the experience needed to create CoBot applications and deploy CoBot solutions. Prior experience in programming or automation is not required. CoBot technology is available to everyone.

All classes are held at the Build With Robots offices within the FUSE Makerspace. CoBot training class registration is available through the CNM Ingenuity website.


Introductory class for anyone interested in learning to use and program a collaborative robot (CoBot). No prior experience or training is required.

Learn how to program a CoBot using intuitive programming environment. Upon course completion, users will be able to develop and deploy CoBot automation.  Hands-on instruction includes CoBot setup, movement, grippers, safety, loops, conditional control, subroutines and scripts.



Collaborative robots are very easy of use and program. This makes a CoBot ideal for companies that want to automate processes such as welding to be safer and more efficient. In partnership with CNM, we offer 1-day and 1-week classes in Robotic Welding. The 1-day class will introduce robotic welding to beginners and advanced welders alike. The 1-week class will teach a welder everything they need to know to deploy and use a CoBot Welder in production.  Classes are taught on the CoBot welding equipment that is available for use as part of the FUSE Makerspace. A welder using this equipment can produce near perfect MIG welds. This technology offers a better way to weld safely and consistently in a shorter period of time than traditional welding. This training can be customized to suit the unique welding needs of a company or individual.