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Innovation in Airports

Elevate your airport by creating a cleaner environment for your staff and passengers.

Airports are innovating and utilizing technology to improve their operations. In the case of automated disinfection, airports are:

  • Enhancing the efficiency of airport operations
  • Ensuring the safety of every person in the airport
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by letting them know they are safe
  • Taking the burden of disinfecting off of custodians

Case Studies

We conduct efficacy testing to ensure greater than 99.9% of pathogens are eliminated. Read the case studies below to hear about why leaders in airports and industries are choosing disinfecting robots, how they implemented them, and the impact they've had.

William P. Hobby Airport

Context: HOU Airport is now the only Skytrax 5-Star airport in North America, and one of the cleanest.

Challenges: The COVID-19 pandemic lowered passenger numbers; customers and workers didn't feel safe in public spaces.

Solution: Breezy One and Breezy BioCare RTU

George Bush Intercontinental

Context: IAH Airport is one of the biggest US airports, serving travelers from all over the world.

Challenges: Disinfecting became a new requirement

Solution: Breezy One and Breezy BioCare RTU

Albuquerque Sunport

Context: ABQ Airport stayed open through the pandemic, putting workers (especially custodians) at risk.

Challenges: Disinfecting by hand was time consuming and unsafe; custodians were exposed to pathogens.

Solution: Breezy One and Breezy BioCare RTU

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