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Disinfection Technology for Stadiums and Arenas

Play, perform, entertain, safely.

Stadiums and arenas can hold thousands of people at once, and even more bacteria and pathogens. Disinfecting should be done daily to ensure:

  • Visitors are comfortable coming to your facility
  • Performers/athletes stay healthy and able to entertain
  • Staff don't get sick and can come to work every day
  • Seats, handrails, bathrooms, and other high-touch areas are germ-free

Case Studies

We conduct efficacy testing to ensure greater than 99.99% of pathogens are eliminated. Read the case studies below to hear about why entertainment venues and other sectors are choosing disinfecting robots, how they implemented them, and the impact they've had.

UNM "Pit"

Context: The University of New Mexico's basketball stadium, "The Pit," needed a simple way to disinfect without burdening the custodial team.

Challenges: Fan attendance is lower due to the pandemic, worker shortages; athletes get sick and spread it to thier teammates.

Solution: Breezy One and Breezy BioCare RTU

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