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Faster, Better, Easier: Touchless aHP Supplemental Disinfection

Minimizing the transmission of diseases and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) has never been easier for medical professionals, thanks to the innovative use of aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) and touchless Breezy products.

- Acute Care
- Operating Rooms
- Daily & Terminal Cleans
- Ambulatory Care

- Transport
- Physician's Clinics
- Community Health Clinics


The Evolving Role of Infection Control

Preventing disease spread is changing. Traditional manual methods are labor-intensive, error-prone, and tend to be reactive — all of which are insufficient to meet today's healthcare challenges.
Inconsistent Results

Inconsistent Results

Despite the diligent efforts of Environmental Services (EVS), manual cleaning methods fail to address up to 50% of surfaces, leaving ample opportunity for harmful pathogens to flourish.

Heavy Workloads

Understaffed & Heavy Workloads 

Conducting daily and terminal cleans typically demands substantial time and manual effort, further straining already overburdened EVS crews.


Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) increase patient stays and 
expenses, cause staff shortages due to illness, and can lead to reduced Medicare/Medicaid 
reimbursement rates.

The Perks of Going Breezy

BWR's Breezy products enable healthcare providers with an ecosystem of smart connected devices and aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) technologies to meet today's infection control demands in a better, more efficient, and smarter way.

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Achieve unmatched supplemental disinfection with little to no labor. A room can be treated in just 2-5 minutes, allowing staff to tend to the next task.

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Consistently Effective.

Hydrogen peroxide is a proven effective, ecofriendly, and safe solution to achieve consistent 3-6 log kills against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, COVID and C. diff.

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Superior Coverage.

Disinfecting the hardest-to-reach places are a thing of the past. Breezy Blue™'s reliable jet technology fills the room, corner to corner and floor to ceiling, with micron-sized hydrogen peroxide droplets.

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Residue & Odor Free.

Clean once and be done. After treating a room with Breezy, no additional EVS labor is needed to wipe down surfaces. By fully biodegrading into water and oxygen, aHP is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and residue-free and does not damage equipment, wet papers, or streak whiteboards. 

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Real-Time Decisions.

By connecting to the Breezy Platform for real-time monitoring hospitals can streamline disinfection processes, ensure consistent application, and maintain comprehensive records for continuous improvement.

Read the Whitepaper

Learn more about the technologies behind Breezy and how BWR is leading the future of Healthcare Infection Control with touchless automation.

Breezy for Healthcare

Breezy Blue™

Breezy Blue™: The Future of Disinfection

Breezy Blue™ is a smart aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) fogger. Designed for simplicity, ease of use, and ruggedness, Breezy Blue™ is trusted for enhancing patient safety, improving efficiency, and reducing HAIs.

BWR - Breezy Platform

Breezy Platform

The Breezy Platform is a turnkey hardware and software solution for managing, tracking, and optimizing supplemental disinfection. Making real-time data-driven decisions is easier when the invisible is visible.

“Breezy Blue™ is an addition to facility infection control and prevention that every healthcare leader should be considering. Not only does the smart disinfectant fogger support reduced healthcare-associated infections, leading to improved patient outcomes, but it also reduces clinician and staff exposure, leading to higher presenteeism and satisfaction." 

Mark Epstein, MD MBA
CEO, True Health New Mexico / Healthcare Advisor

m. epstein

Case Study: Rio Rancho Fire & EMS Rescue

Challenge: Recurring costs of disinfecting equipment and chemicals were adding up. RRFR needed a simple, cost-effective way to disinfect their ambulances regularly.
Solution: RRFR started using Breezy Blue foggers in their ambulances, and, upon seeing the results, started disinfecting their living quarters, training rooms, and gyms for a safe working environment, as well as to keep patients safe.

Meet Today's Challenges

Breezy allows healthcare providers to more easily and effectively reduce the risk of HAIs.
Request more information to see Breezy in action.