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Breezy Products Support

The resources below will guide you through the setup, operation, and updating of your Breezy devices.

If you need more help, please click here to contact Build With Robots.

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Getting Started with Breezy Smart Disinfection

Unboxing & Getting Started with Breezy Blue™

Breezy How to Guides & SOPs

Room-to-Room Disinfection

Room-to-Room Disinfection is ideal when sharing a device across multiple rooms or buildings. Place Breezy Blue™ in the doorway, press the button on the device to fog the room, and close the door. Move Breezy Blue™ to the doorway of the next room, and repeat.

Automated Disinfection

Automated Disinfection is ideal for spaces with predictable schedules, especially ones that are unoccupied overnight. Leave Breezy Blue™ units inside the rooms to be disinfected and set a disinfection schedule with the Breezy Smart Controller™ to automate disinfection.