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Breezy Platform™

An Automated Infection Control system for managing, tracking, and optimizing supplemental disinfection


Automating Infection Control.

The Breezy Platform is a turnkey system of smart wireless devices that automate supplemental disinfection to reduce the labor and hazards for environmental services (EVS) staff. This automated disinfection system consists of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (aHP) foggers and real-time aHP sensors to optimize disinfectant dosage and room reentry. The array of sensors also measure room occupancy, air quality, and environmental conditions. All Breezy devices uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity that requires minimal integration and has little impact upon a hospital IT environment. Also, the Breezy Platform is interoperable with other BLE devices such as BLE beacons and tags for real-time location services (RTLS).

Breezy Platform in Healthcare
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Concerns for Hospitals

  • Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) increase costs and reduce Medicare reimbursements. According to the CDC, HAIs have direct medical costs to U.S. hospitals of at least $28.4 billion each year.
  • Inefficient manual cleaning processes increase environmental services (EVS) labor and room turnover times.
  • Improperly maintained HVAC equipment can lead to infection transmission, excessive energy usage, patient & staff discomfort, and costly repairs & downtime.

Solutions with the Breezy Platform

  • Supplemental surface disinfection with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (aHP) has been shown to reduce HAIs spread by surface contamination. A 10-year study found that adding aHP to regular cleaning reduced C.diff infection rates by 41% in hospital settings.
  • Touchless aHP disinfection with Breezy Blue for C.diff/MRSA terminal cleaning streamlines EVS workflows and minimizes time and labor.
  • Complete visibility and electronic record keeping of disinfection history, occupancy, and environmental conditions will help optimize EVS workflows.
  • Real-time monitoring of room-by-room air quality and environmental conditions will identify maintenance requirements and help optimize settings for HVAC equipment.

Typical Hospital Configuration

  • One Breezy Sense per hospital room to record disinfection cycles, air quality, environmental conditions, and occupancy.
  • One Breezy Blue and two gallons/month of Breezy BioCare RTU per hospital wing (~10 beds) for thorough supplemental disinfection by EVS staff upon room turnover.
  • One Breezy Link per hospital wing for wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) coverage.
  • One Breezy Cloud site license per hospital.
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Breezy Blue

A wireless, self-contained, portable disinfection system that uses aerosolized hydrogen peroxide for rapid, ecofriendly disinfection. Its high-efficacy antimicrobial fogging system streamlines the workflow for EVS staff with simple and easy-to-use controls. Breezy Blue will very rapidly disinfect room sized spaces. Workers are kept out of harm’s way and can deeply disinfect spaces with the touch of a button. And Breezy Blue logs its use within Breezy Cloud and can notify staff when it needs to be refilled.

Breezy Sense

A smart wireless sensor for monitoring air quality and chemical disinfection within each room. Breezy Sense measures multiple indoor health parameters including hydrogen peroxide to optimize disinfection dosages, carbon dioxide and motion to monitor occupancy, particulate matter for air pollutants, and temperature and humidity for comfort levels. Breezy Sense can trigger disinfection by Breezy Blue to optimize the use of chemical and labor. All historical data is captured within the Breezy Cloud data warehouse which helps to optimize and promote a facility’s health.

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Breezy Link

A wireless gateway for connecting Breezy smart devices to the Breezy Cloud data warehouse. All Breezy smart devices use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication to interact and securely share data. Breezy Link connects the secure BLE data to the Breezy Cloud data warehouse via a single LAN or Wi-Fi connection. One Breezy Link will connect many Breezy devices within a facility.

Breezy Smart Controller

A rugged mobile device for wireless operation of Breezy devices within a facility. The Breezy Smart Controller uses BLE wireless communication to securely interact with nearby Breezy smart devices to operate them remotely, check status, or configure various options.

Smart controller screen

Breezy Cloud

A secure cloud data warehouse with user accounts for visualizing facility data via the Breezy Cloud web-based dashboards. Breezy Cloud provides real-time and historical views of the disinfection cycles, indoor air quality, occupancy, and environmental conditions within a facility. End user notifications via email or text message can be configured for events such as disinfection complete, disinfectant refill needed, or unhealthy indoor air quality. Historical data is stored within Breezy Cloud with time tags and location tags that offer keen insights into EVS workflow efficiencies, indoor health, energy usage, and the environmental comfort within a facility.

Cloud dashboard
Cloud dataset

Breezy Platform™ Support

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