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Increase Profits with Disinfection Services

Breezy Blue is a simple and easy-to-use system to grow your cleaning service business.

Upsell additional services

Win new business

1-2 minutes per room 

Remove germs and organic odors

Eco-friendly, H2O2-based disinfectant

Create healthy environments for customers to feel safer at home and work.

“Disinfection became an official addition to our regular cleaning services after we saw the potential of Breezy Blue™ to keep our local communities healthy. This new service produced a net profit of $1,199.57 per month in the first few months, which makes it a great avenue for growing our business.”

Brandon Condrey, Owner of Sandia Green Clean


Benefits of Disinfection as a Service


Increase Profits

Disinfection services enable cleaning providers to diversify income streams and offer additional services to win more new business.


Minimal Labor

Breezy Blue is simple and easy to use. Most rooms are disinfected in 1-2 minutes of run time. Entire homes can be disinfected with 5-10 minutes of additional labor. 


Healthy Spaces

Create healthy homes and workplaces for your customers to thrive.

Introduction to Breezy Blue™

Breezy Blue™: The Smart Disinfecting Minibot

Case Study: Sandia Green Clean

- Offer additional services to generate more profit per home cleaning.
- Ensure new services are green, safe, and sustainable.
- Aerosolized hydrogen peroxide fogging for rapid, eco-friendly disinfection and deodorization.
- Approximately $1,200 additional profit per month per team in the first few months.
- Broader service offering to win new business.

Why Aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP)?

•  aHP fogging spreads disinfectant across all surfaces, including hard-to-reach and often-missed spots such as underneath desks, door handles, backs of chairs, etc.

  Breezy foggers disperse droplets at 20-100 microns (the size of a speck of dust), allowing the disinfectant to penetrate fabrics and hang in the air.

•  Most rooms need 60 seconds of fogging or less for complete coverage which is quicker than most other disinfecting methods.

Why Breezy BioPure™ RTU?

 Breezy BioPure™ RTU is an ecofriendly, biodegradable, rinse-free cleaner and deodorizer.

•  Breezy BioPure™ RTU leaves no residue, so it is not harmful to people or technology.

  Because it consists solely of hydrogen peroxide and water, Breezy BioPure RTU is safe for use in food prep areas and biodegrades quickly.

Implementing Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers into Your Cleaning Procedures