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Create Healthy Spaces for Learning

Daily disinfection keeps students and staff safe from illnesses reduces absenteeism, and increases in-person learning time.


The Cost of Unhealthy Spaces


Student and staff absences

Illness spread, especially during cold/flu season, can cause students and staff to be absent multiple times in a year. Student absences increase by 3-4% from fall to winter seasons.


Lower test scores and productivity

Between 2019 and 2022, math and reading scores declined in over 40 states due to reduced in-person teaching time. Additionally, poor indoor air quality lowers productivity.

cleaning supplies

Understaffed custodial teams

Disinfecting with other methods can be time-consuming. When custodial teams are under- staffed, they need tools to help them complete their work more efficiently.

“The safety of my students and staff is important to me. I chose to use Breezy Blue to disinfect my school because I wanted a tool that was quick, easy to use, and proven to be effective. I know that I’m giving my community a healthier learning environment and a safer place to work.”
Sarah Tario_1

Sarah Tario, Director of McCurdy Charter School

Breezy Blue™: The Smart Disinfecting Minibot

Introduction to Breezy Blue™

Benefits of Daily Disinfection


Increased attendance

When comparing 2019 data to 2021, St. Mary's Catholic School saw an 18% increase in attendance with Breezy products, despite the pandemic.


Better productivity

Daily disinfectant fogging can
improve air quality, leading to better work from staff and students.


Time savings

Autonomous disinfection gives time back to custodians, so they have more time to complete other tasks.

Case Study: St. Mary's Catholic School

Challenge: To keep students learning and ensure academic success, St. Mary’s needed to be able to disinfect regularly and effectively, even when janitors were hard to find.
Solution: Breezy disinfecting foggers were introduced into every classroom as well as the gym, cafeteria, teachers’ lounge, and offices. With minimal labor, St. Mary's has reduced nurse visits by nearly 40%.
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Why Disinfectant Fogging?

•  Fogging spreads disinfectant across all surfaces including hard-to-reach and often-missed spots such as underneath desks, door handles, backs of chairs, etc.

  Breezy foggers disperse droplets at 20-100 microns (the size of a speck of dust), allowing the disinfectant to penetrate fabrics and hang in the air.

•  Most rooms need 60 seconds of fogging or less for complete coverage which is quicker than most other disinfecting methods.

Why Breezy BioCare RTU Disinfectant?

  Breezy BioCare RTU is on EPA List N and List Q of disinfectants, meaning it is effective against coronavirus and emerging viral pathogens.

  It is scientifically proven to eliminate at least 99.9% of pathogens.

•  Breezy BioCare RTU is Green Clean Certified and leaves no residue, so it is not harmful to people or technology. Plus, it deodorizes spaces.

Implementing Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers into Your School


One per Room

McCurdy Charter School and others like them have put a Breezy Blue unit in every classroom. Each fogger goes off autonomously every night, so students and staff can enter a clean environment every morning.


One per Multiple Rooms

This more cost-effective option is just as beneficial. Custodians take Breezy Blue from room to room, fogging each one for 30-60 seconds, for a fast way to disinfect at the end of the day.