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Touchless aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide (aHP) Disinfection Systems

Better technology to enhance patient outcomes, operational efficiencies, compliance, and reporting. No residue, no harsh chemicals, fragrance-free.


Leading the Future of Infection Control

The BWR Breezy system is a turnkey, touchless supplemental disinfection solution that enhances patient safety, improves operational efficiency, and reduces HAIs, offering a more efficient and less complex alternative to manual enhanced disinfection methods.
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Touchless and Efficient

Achieve unmatched enhanced disinfection with little to no labor. A room can be treated in just 2-5 minutes, allowing staff to tend to the next task without additional manual effort. Breezy Blue™'s reliable jet technology fills the room from corner to corner and floor to ceiling with micron-sized hydrogen peroxide droplets to eliminate pathogens rapidly.
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Consistently Effective

Hydrogen peroxide is a proven effective, eco-friendly, and safe solution to achieve consistent 3-6 log kills against a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, COVID-19, and C. diff. This ensures superior coverage and disinfection of even the hardest-to-reach places.
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Residue-Free and Data-Driven

Clean once and be done. Breezy’s aHP fully biodegrades into water and oxygen, leaving no residue or odor, and does not damage equipment or wet documents. By connecting to the Breezy Platform for real-time monitoring, facilities can streamline disinfection processes, ensure consistent application, and maintain comprehensive records for continuous improvement.

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Learn how supplemental disinfection with Breezy is better. Enhancing patient outcomes, simple and intuitive operations, without adding labor.