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Create Healthy Spaces for Patients & First Responders

Disinfect each space in 60 seconds or less:

  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Apparatus
  • Crew Quarters
  • Training/Meeting Rooms
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Challenges Without Automated Disinfection


Disease Spread

Without a way to disinfect with ease, illness spread can cause workforce shortages and harm to patients.


Costly Turnover Times

Cleaning, restocking, and traditional disinfecting methods are time-consuming and labor intensive.


Inefficient Systems

Crews often skip or rush disinfection protocols when equipment is unreliable and difficult to use.

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Breezy Blue™: The Smart Disinfecting Minibot

Introduction to Breezy Blue™

Benefits of Daily Disinfection

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Reduces Disease Spread & Odors

Disinfecting facilities daily and vehicles between calls keeps workers and civilians safe from healthcare-associated infections and reduces odors.


Time & Labor Savings

Implementing Breezy products reduces disinfection labor to 60 seconds or less, allowing extra time for first responders to complete other tasks.



Disinfectant fogging with Breezy products ensure at least 99.9% efficacy in 60 seconds, covering all the spots that a person may miss when manually disinfecting.

Case Study: Rio Rancho Fire Rescue

Challenge: Recurring costs of disinfecting equipment and chemicals were adding up. RRFR needed a way to measure and communicate the effectiveness of their disinfecting methods.
Solution: RRFR started using Breezy Blue foggers in their vehicles, living quarters, training rooms, and gyms to ensure complete coverage without exposing workers to disinfectant.

Why Disinfectant Fogging?

•  Fogging spreads disinfectant across all surfaces including hard-to-reach and often-missed spots such as underneath desks, door handles, backs of chairs, etc.

•  Breezy foggers disperse droplets at 20-100 microns (the size of a speck of dust), allowing the disinfectant to penetrate fabrics and hang in the air.

•  Most rooms need 60 seconds of fogging or less for complete coverage which is quicker than most other disinfecting methods.

Why Breezy BioCare RTU Disinfectant?

  Breezy BioCare RTU is on EPA List N and List Q of disinfectants, meaning it is effective against coronavirus and emerging viral pathogens.

•  It is scientifically proven to eliminate at least 99.9% of pathogens.

•  Breezy BioCare RTU is Green Clean Certified and leaves no residue, so it is not harmful to people or technology. Plus, it deodorizes spaces.

How First Responders Implement Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers

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Stationary Fogger on a Schedule

A Breezy Blue unit can be stationary, like a fixture of a room. This works well in facilities with gyms, classrooms, and other rooms. With the scheduling function, Breezy Blue can fog every night at the same time.

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One Fogger for Many Spaces

It takes less than 30 seconds for Breezy Blue to disinfect an ambulance. One fogger can be used to disinfect dozens of vehicles in a day. Breezy Blue is also small enough to be carried to other areas if needed.