Breezy One

Breezy One FAQs

No, it will work alongside them, making their jobs safer and more efficient. 

No, it will reduce the labor in keeping your work area safe and sanitized for you and your employees. 

No, Breezy’s simple touch screen interface is customizable to your needs.  

Breezy One requires refilling with sanitation products and wiping down with a soft dry cloth after each use.

It is also important to maintain that the docking station is kept clear or obstruction in clean dry organized area.

For minor variations in planned route due to objects (such as tables or people), Breezy easily adjusts itself. For major structural type variations, BWR team will work with you to make required adjustments in a timely manner. 

The chemicals used were developed locally with safety, sanitation and ease of use in mindThey include many of the familiar compounds found underneath your kitchen sink today. Full spec sheets can be made available as our business relationship grows 

Yes, it is safe for the vast majority of equipment. 

Typically, only where food processing of any kind is being performed, the same as any sanitizing process would require.  

Typically, people can return to the sanitized space as soon as 30 minutes after Breezy has completed its program. 

Yes, they will be available. It is impossible to generalize costs due to the high customization level of each unit.

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