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Breezy Blue Response

Build With Robots Expands With Breezy Blue

Albuquerque, NM, Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Build With Robots, a New Mexico-based disinfection robotics and automation firm, rolled out its new disinfecting robot Breezy Blue at a news conference today. During the COVID pandemic shutdown, the company developed its Breezy line of disinfecting robots, which are now being used nationwide in schools, airports and businesses. Even as the world moves past the pandemic, demand continues to surge with COVID, RSV and other viruses still spiking. Today, the company demonstrated Breezy Blue, a new robot designed to disinfect smaller spaces up to 30,000 cubic feet like EMS vehicles, school buses and classrooms.

Breezy Blue is a hydrogen peroxide fogger for smart automated disinfection. Its small size makes it easy to transport, or it can become a fixture of a room. The fogging technology ensures all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected including air vents, fabrics, and other hard-to-reach spots. Used with Breezy BioCare RTU, Breezy Blue is scientifically proven to eliminate over 99.99% of pathogens.

“Many businesses are dealing with staffing issues, and regular disinfection can get dropped. But most facility managers want to keep their facilities and communities healthy and safe, and we offer them a solution to do so,” explained Chris Ziomek, Build With Robots Founder and CEO. “Our Breezy Blue technology allows businesses to save time and money by disinfecting thoroughly and automatically every time. It’s the perfect solution for classrooms, conference rooms and meeting spaces, hotel rooms, emergency vehicles, and performance spaces. Breezy Blue is efficient, so the disinfectant cost is about 89 cents per room, which is a five to 10 times savings over disinfecting by hand. That cost savings is further impacted when we factor in the labor costs.”

Breezy Blue is currently being utilized by EMS organizations, resorts and casinos, newsrooms, performance spaces, schools and universities. 

“Our technology makes it easy for organizations to protect employees, vendors and guests,” Ziomek added. “Unfortunately, people continue being negatively impacted by COVID, RSV and other colds and flus. We can help minimize disease spread with the advent of Breezy Blue.”

For more information, see our Breezy Blue page.

View video of the Breezy Blue demo here.            


Build With Robots automates unfulfilling and undesirable work by leveraging automation to serve new industries. We do this because we believe in the dignity and value of work and the people who do that work. Build With Robots builds disinfecting robotics that allow workers to do their jobs safely and more effectively. Build With Robots is more than robots; it's a community. Our disinfecting robots to make workers' lives easier and people safer.


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