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Macrina, the Patron Saint of Robotics Keeps St. Mary’s Students Safe

Albuquerque, NM: St. Mary's Catholic School announced that it has begun autonomous disinfection using the Breezy One™ robot from Build With Robots. St. Mary’s School has stayed open during the Covid-19 pandemic by employing best practices to keep students, teachers and staff safe. Now, St. Mary’s has teamed with Build With Robots to deploy the latest robotic technology to safely disinfect common areas throughout the day and completely disinfect the entire school every night.

Other New Mexico Schools may open in a few weeks, but one New Mexico school has months of experience protecting and educating students during the pandemic. "St. Mary's has been open since August and is dedicated to our students’ learning and safety.  We developed a reopening plan last summer to prepare for the school year, even though we did not know if we would be allowed to open.” said Rebecca Maestas-Sanchez, Principal of St. Mary’s School.   To keep in-person learning safe, St. Mary’s implemented all the usual PPE, added desk shields, and in the elementary grades, has teachers rotating between classrooms instead of students. And there is an online option for those who do not feel safe attending in person.


Maestas-Sanchez, who is committed to quality education, said “we know students learn best when they are face to face with their teachers and peers.  Seizing this time to come up with creative opportunities to ensure our students' learning has been a nonnegotiable for me personally.  These kids will be the next community leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. Because of our partnership with Build With Robots, we have been able to take this to the next level to ensure teaching and learning remains a priority at St. Mary's."


Pathogens, including the one that causes Covid-19, must be addressed through proper disinfection practices. The CDC recommends regular cleaning and then disinfecting using approved chemicals to keep staff and students safe. Breezy One™ is the fastest, most efficient, and cheapest way to disinfect large spaces safely. Build With Robots has Breezy One™ units operating in multiple locations around the country. St. Mary’s was Build With Robots’ first school, and the students at St. Mary’s love their new robot and have named her Macrina after the patron saint of robots. The students outfitted Macrina with a school uniform and now she proudly displays the school colors as she autonomously disinfects the school facilities.

“At Build With Robots, our mission is to bring safe, effective and scalable sanitization solutions to help people all over the country to get back to work safely," said Kimberly Corbitt, Build With Robots Chief Commercial Officer. "As the world's most effective autonomous disinfection robot, we are excited that Breezy One is now helping New Mexico’s students get back to school safely.”


About Build With Robots Inc.: Build With Robots is an Albuquerque-based technology company applying the latest robotics and automation within new industries. The company’s proprietary robotic systems are used by organizations in the transportation, construction and entertainment industries. Its leading autonomous disinfection solution, Breezy One™ was developed at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to help reopen large facilities and keep workers and the public safe.


About St. Mary’s Catholic School: St. Mary’s Catholic School has been serving the Albuquerque community by educating its children for over 100 years. Established by Jesuit priests in 1892, St. Mary’s is rooted in rich Catholic tradition providing Christian leadership and academic excellence. Today, St. Mary’s educates over 250 students in grades JK-8 and is the first Catholic dual language school in the state of New Mexico.