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Quick, Simple Disinfection for First Responders

Everyone's safety matters, including yours.

First responders are known for having a dangerous occupation, but the risk of illness can fly under the radar.

  • Ambulances, squad cars, and more require regular disinfecting throughout a single day.
  • Disinfecting must be as quick a possible.
  • The safety of both civilians and first responders must be a priority.

Rio Rancho Fire Rescue

Challenges: Recurring costs of disinfecting equipment and chemicals; a need to measure and communicate the effectiveness of their disinfecting methods.

Solution: Breezy Blue Response and Breezy BioCare RTU

Vehicle Type

New Mexico State Police

Challenges: Understaffed departments and long training cycles; higher volume of calls; disinfecting must be done quickly.

Solution: Breezy Blue Response and Breezy BioCare RTU

Case Studies

We conduct efficacy testing to ensure greater than 99.99% of pathogens are eliminated. Read the case studies below to hear about why first responders and those in other industries are choosing disinfecting robots, how they implemented them, and the impact they've had.

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