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Albuquerque Journal

The Robot Revolution is Here: Local Businesses Gear Up With New Tech


Christian Slough, a business development representative at Albuquerque-based Build with Robots, said he’s also seen robotics fill a labor gap. The company recently partnered with Albuquerque-based janitorial supply company, LD Supply Co., to bring their disinfecting robots to schools and other facilities around the Southwest.

Slough said there’s been a recent shortage in facilities workers around the state.

“We’ve talked to schools that were going to begin the year with four janitors out of the 12 that they needed,” Slough said. “…There’s an aging population with a job that has high turnover.”

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of a sometimes thankless job, Slough said. And automation can make that job easier, especially when a smaller staff has to take on the same amount of work. Slough hopes that the LD Supply partnership is the first of many facilities companies incorporating new tech.


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