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China's CoBot Revolution

This article from OZY describes how China is preparing for changes in the world's manufacturing climate over the coming decades. China — already at the forefront of the global robot revolution — is laying the foundations for an alternative model for robots: “collaborative automation solutions” — known as CoBots — that work with humans instead of replacing them. China's plan is an industrial landscape where CoBots will work alongside human workers to create a semi-autonomous production process drawing on the strengths of both.

The emerging Chinese automation strategy is aimed at reshaping the world’s approach to robotics. Unlike robots, CoBots aren’t meant for fully automated large-scale industrial production; they’re designed to take on a range of tasks aimed at assisting their human co-workers, making them particularly attractive for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). CoBots are an increasingly attractive proposition for modernizing production lines in SMEs. And as businesses throughout the world search for new competitive advantages, China provides one example of how to leverage the coming changes in manufacturing. Read more.