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Disinfecting robots roam Mount Vernon ISD

MOUNT VERNON, Texas (KLTV) - When Mount Vernon ISD students and staff go home and go to sleep, the robots come out.

Build With Robots partnered with KLC Video Security to bring the ‘bots to Mount Vernon ISD. Breezy One Robots are worker integrated robots that use automation to disinfect 10,000 square feet in less than one hour, in comparison to 10 people disinfecting manually.

Once deployed, the robots map the district.

“Once it’s mapped, were also going to do efficacy testing,” co-owner of KLC Video security Bill King said. “We’re going to put out platelets throughout each room and each area of bacteria, and then we’re going to fog. And we’re going to look at the kill rate to make sure it gets 100% kill rate wherever were doing the fogging.”

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