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Disinfection: The Invisible Fight

People can’t see disinfection. Sure, someone can watch the process of the disinfectant being sprayed or fogged, but after that, it becomes invisible; it blends right in. You don’t see the germs and bacteria on desks and doorknobs, and you won’t see them get eliminated. Disinfection is a process you have to trust.

What people can see are the long-term effects. You may notice people come into work more often, using fewer sick days. You could experience a trouble-free flu season. People won’t need to worry much about bringing illnesses home to their families, or spreading anything to their coworkers. Results like these come from preventative health measures like daily disinfecting.

Visible, Long-Term Benefits

Disinfection is an invisible fight between chemicals and pathogens. Because of this, it is difficult to justify spending time and money on disinfection alone. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommend disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least once a day. In public spaces, that means almost everything should be disinfected daily. In schools, for example, children are known to get sick often and pass it to their classmates, teachers, and family members. The Journal of School Nursing found that when classrooms are disinfected daily, absences due to illness are reduced significantly. Moreover, healthcare workers are constantly at risk of contracting diseases from patients, but a study from Cambridge University showed that daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces decreased contamination of the hands of healthcare workers. These two case studies show the major safety benefits of daily disinfection in high-risk places. Other types of spaces can benefit from disinfecting regularly as well, leading to less worker absenteeism, improved customer confidence, and a safer, more successful environment. Outcomes like this are motivating leaders to choose disinfection; the price is justified.

Immediate, Concrete Results

Although the effects of disinfection typically take more time to be seen, something can be done immediately - efficacy testing. Build With Robots ensures that their Automated Disinfection Solutions eliminate 99.99% of pathogens, as promised, through on-site testing procedures. After fogging an area with Breezy One or Breezy Blue, the BWR team will test how much of the disinfectant reached several spots across the space. Using a correlation equation, they can prove that the area was adequately disinfected to 99.99% pathogen elimination. This is one way to visualize the otherwise invisible effects of disinfection.

Robotic disinfection reliably and consistently eliminates pathogens. It makes disinfecting simple and can run every day with ease. In addition, the presence of a disinfecting machine gives people peace of mind. Although they can’t see disinfection, they can see and trust the robot to accomplish exactly what it is programmed to do.


Trusting an invisible fighter to keep yourself, your staff, and everyone in your facility safe is difficult. However, evidence shows that it is worth it. Disinfectants fight hard, and when used properly, they will always win.