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Minibots: The Ultimate Sidekicks

Robots can be useful for all sorts of things, such as disinfecting, delivering food, or even helping surgeons during complex procedures. These machines do their jobs perfectly every time, so the demand for more and newer robotic designs is increasing. However, no matter how revolutionary or perfect a robot is, it may not be right for all situations. That’s how alternative versions - minibots - came to be.

The Superhero Needs a Sidekick

Some superheroes work in teams, others have a sidekick, and some work alone. Most people would agree that it’s best when heroes fight in teams or with someone there to back them up (even if they only show up when it looks like our hero is about to lose). This can apply to other situations - people benefit from having sidekicks (friends) during tough times, your laptop may need a sidekick (a tablet or smartphone) for when its battery dies, and robots need sidekicks (minibots) to do the things that they cannot.

In the case of Breezy One, the autonomous disinfecting robot, a sidekick was needed. Build With Robots (BWR) has seen their robot work great on its own, helping custodial teams at the large Houston Airports and in many other places in its home state of New Mexico, like Los Lunas Public Schools. However, the more people BWR talked to, the more they saw the need for a new product. Small and crowded areas like offices, locker rooms, ambulances, and more don’t really have room for a 4-foot tall, autonomous robot that vehemently avoids running into objects. Breezy One would have no space to get through these areas. As a result, Breezy Blue was born.

How does Breezy Blue differ from Breezy One?

Breezy Blue is a smaller, immobile minibot. It uses the same disinfecting technology and chemical, so it is just as effective as Breezy One; it simply operates differently. Because Breezy Blue does not move on its own, it can either become a fixture of a room, or it can be transported easily throughout a building. Breezy One works at just the push of a button, navigating to each destination. Breezy Blue also works with just a push of a button, once it's in the proper place. With the controller, you can operate it and check its status.

However, just because Breezy Blue is a sidekick doesn’t mean it can only work alongside our superhero, Breezy One. The robot and the minibot are great when operating together - Super Breezy One takes care of the majority of a building, while Sidekick Breezy Blue works on the little battles that are out of Breezy One’s reach. Additionally, they can be successful on their own. Clearly, Breezy One knows how to handle a whole building, and Breezy Blue has learned to do the same. Whether this means putting a unit in each area or carrying one into individual rooms, is up to the custodial team. Not only is it possible to disinfect a building with just some minibots - but it is also quicker and easier than other traditional methods of disinfecting.


So, if you’re looking to bring innovation to your facility at a smaller scale, consider minibots. They are just as capable as robots and could be the perfect solution to your problem.