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Robots help ABQ Sunport cleaning crews disinfect faster

The Albuquerque Sunport is really stepping up its cleaning protocols.

"When COVID-19 started, I think a lot of things started coming to the forefront. How often are we sanitizing tables and handrails and those types of things?" said Stephanie Kitts, Albuquerque Sunport spokesperson.

The Sunport now has an autonomous robot named Breezy One that disinfects. The Sunport got it from Build with Robotics and Fetch Robotics, to help keep areas extra clean.

"We learned about the amazing things they're doing. They also had a partnership with Electric Playhouse," Kitts said.

According to Build with Robots, it can safely and effectively decontaminate spaces over 100 thousand square feet in less than two hours.

"They can tell the robot which part of the airport to disinfect, they push the button and Breezy goes and does that part of the job while crews do something else," said Kimberly Corbitt, Build With Robots Chief Commercial Officer.

And it uses a patented, environmentally safe disinfectant, that was originally developed at Sandia National Labs.

The Sunport says Breezy One will be rolling around every night, to add another layer of protection and to keep travelers and workers safe.

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