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The Science Behind Breezy BioCare™ RTU

At Build With Robots, we believe that science and scientific evidence are necessary to make good informed decisions. This blog series was created to help you, our users and users of equipment like ours, to better understand the science and technology behind disinfection and disinfecting solutions. These answers are derived from frequently asked questions that we get from our users. And if you do not see an answer to your question here, please reach out and ask us.

What are the main advantages of using Breezy BioCare™ RTU?

  • EPA Registered - broad spectrum disinfection, specifically tested against Human Coronavirus and many other pathogens
  • Safe and biodegradable - low toxicity, low corrosivity, non-flammable
  • Airborne advantage - small micron size helps with comprehensive coverage
  • Cost savings - savings on labor and chemical costs
  • Made in the USA

What is the active ingredient in Breezy BioCare™ RTU?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU has two active ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide (5.3%) and a tiny amount of Quaternary Ammonium compounds (0.12%). Both active ingredients are found in common household items.

What does RTU mean?

RTU is an acronym for “Ready To Use” which means that Breezy BioCare™ RTU is ready to use right out of the bottle without requiring any mixing or diluting.

How does Breezy BioCare™ RTU work?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU cleaves the spore wall through oxidation, which occurs because of an absence of electrons in Breezy BioCare™ RTU. By stripping the organism of electrons, it neutralizes the mycotoxin inside. The two active ingredients (Hydrogen Peroxide and Quaternary Ammonium) create a dual kill capability tailored to destroy the target microorganism. Our proprietary formula stabilizes the Hydrogen Peroxide for a long shelf life.

What makes Breezy BioCare™ RTU superior to other disinfectants?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU’s unique properties are not found in other commonly used disinfectants. Breezy BioCare™ RTU is a hydrogen peroxide alternative to bleach and alcohols. Dual active ingredients provide for more effective disinfection in a variety of applications and on a wide range of surfaces. Breezy BioCare™ RTU is EPA registered as a broad spectrum Virucide, Bactericide, Fungicide and Deodorizer. A Summary of Efficacy is available on the Build With Robots website.

Is Breezy BioCare™ RTU considered a green product?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU has been certified Green by the Green Clean Institute.

Is Breezy BioCare™ RTU environmentally friendly?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU, when deployed as a dry fog, biodegrades into benign end products.

Does Breezy BioCare™ RTU cause corrosion?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU is a low corrosion formula.

Does Breezy BioCare™ RTU have a strong smell?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU is fragrance free with only a mild smell. Also, Breezy BioCare™ RTU is a very effective deodorizer because it neutralizes odors by killing the odor-causing bacteria with no masking agents.

Is Breezy BioCare™ RTU child and pet friendly?

When used as directed, Breezy BioCare™ RTU is safe for use around pets and children. Toxicity testing determined Breezy BioCare™ RTU to be Category IV “practically non-toxic” in five of six tests and only “slightly toxic” in the final test.

Does Breezy BioCare™ RTU contain any VOC’s or Carcinogens?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU does not contain any bleach, phenols, or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Does Breezy BioCare™ RTU require mixing?

There is no mixing. Breezy BioCare™ RTU is ready to use straight from the container.

Is Breezy BioCare™ RTU flammable?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU is non-flammable. Excess oxygen may be present in the space as the disinfectant breaks down, and the area should be ventilated properly after the 10-minute dwell time.

What is the shelf life of Breezy BioCare™ RTU?

Breezy BioCare™ RTU should be used within one (1) year for maximum efficacy.

Does Breezy BioCare™ RTU require special storage?

There are no special storage requirements. Keep containers tightly closed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage. And Breezy BioCare™ RTU should be used within one (1) year for maximum efficacy.

How do I clean up spills?

Absorb a spill with inert material (e.g. vermiculite, sand or earth), and then place in suitable container. Clean up spills immediately, using proper protective equipment including eye protection and gloves.

What are the origins of the Breezy BioCare™ RTU?

Sandia National Laboratories has conducted years of research in the development of a chemical formula to safely disinfect a large, populated area after a biological weapon attack. Leveraging the Sandia National Laboratory formula, SpectraShield Technologies LLC, a partner of Build With Robots, initiated a development effort to create a ready-to-use disinfectant that would have a lower toxicity profile but still offer a broad spectrum efficacy. The result of this development effort is the proprietary disinfectant known as Breezy BioCare™ RTU.

Who manufactures the chemical?

Build With Robots has a partnership with SpectraShield and Crown Technologies of Indiana, an ISO 9001:2015 facility, to manufacture Breezy BioCare™ RTU. Crown Technologies is our primary manufacturer, and we have blending agreements with a few other select chemical manufacturers in the United States.


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