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School Illness Prevention & Response

Give students and staff a safe, healthy environment to work in.

Educational spaces, such as public schools, private and charter schools, universities, and more, benefit from disinfecting daily.

  • Easily prevent and respond to illness outbreaks.
  • Increase attendance for students and staff.
  • Minimize the need for substitute teachers.
  • Reduce absenteeism so students don't get left behind.

St. Mary's Catholic School

Context: Principal Rebecca Maestas-Sanchez kept her school open throughout the entire pandemic and found an 18% reduction in absenteeism and a 55% reduction in nurse visits after implementing Breezy One.

Challenges: Students spread illnesses to each other and to teachers; absences cause gaps in education.

Solution: Breezy One and Breezy BioCare RTU

Los Lunas Public Schools

Context: Superintendent Arsenio Romero and CFO Claire Cieremans brought Breezy One robots into their schools to protect their students and expose them to more technology.

Challenges: Student absenteeism causes learning gaps; teacher absenteeism leads to paying for substitutes; technology is an under-utilized learning tool.

Solution: Breezy One, Breezy Blue Response, and Breezy BioCare RTU

McCurdy Charter School

Context: Director Sarah Taro introduced the Breezy Blue Response unit into every classroom to give teachers the power to disinfect at their discretion.

Challenges: Disinfecting regularly became costly and time-consuming; the effectiveness of their disinfection methods was unknown.

Solution: Breezy Blue Response and Breezy BioCare RTU.

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Case Studies

We conduct efficacy testing to ensure greater than 99.99% of pathogens are eliminated. Read the case studies below to hear about why leaders in schools and other industries are choosing disinfecting robots, how they implemented them, and the impact they've had.

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