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Breezy Blue App 1.0.0: Security and Ease of Use Update

Breezy Blue, the disinfecting minibot, was released earlier this year alongside the Breezy Smart Controller which uses an app to operate the minibots. Today, the Breezy Blue App 1.0.0 Software Update was released for improved security and ease of use to ensure our customers are provided with the best possible user interface. The new features include scheduling, management of multiple devices, locking, and a fogging history log.

controller ss_schedule



The Breezy Blue App 1.0.0 Update has an improved, more intuitive scheduling option. Multiple scheduled events can be created on each device with ease. This allows users to “set and forget” their Breezy Blues - all they need to do is fill it on occasion when the disinfectant runs low.



controller ss_list


Management of Multiple Devices

While the app was always able to connect to several Breezy Blue minibots, it now is able to keep track of 50 devices, showing each one’s status, tank level, and lock mode (details in next section). In addition, there are two ways for identifying nearby devices. At the top of the screen, you can click “Nearest Device” and the controller will automatically scroll to the nearest Breezy Blue. Alternatively, if you click on a device and want to be sure that you’re configuring the correct one, you can hit “Identify,” which will make the selected minibot flash blue and yellow.


controller ss_lock2


This software update also comes with added security via a new locking feature. Once you create an account, you gain the ability to lock multiple devices. This option is recommended to ensure no one else can configure your Breezy Blue minibots, causing them to fog at the wrong times or not at all. Only the account that locked the device can operate or unlock it.


controller ss_log


Fog Log

This app update also comes with a log that shows the history of fogging events for each device. The log is helpful to ensure each Breezy Blue is following its schedule, and to inform operations teams of when an area has been disinfected.



At Build With Robots, we are constantly innovating and improving our products to suit the needs of our customers. Have some feedback for the next iteration? Contact us here.