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Breezy Smart Controller update 1.1.0

Breezy Smart Controller App Update 1.1.0

Build With Robots is excited to announce the release of Breezy Smart Controller App Update 1.1.0. This update includes a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • Increased maximum fogging time to 30 minutes
  • Ability to hide old devices from the device list
  • Improved navigation
  • Bug fixes

With these updates, users will be able to operate Breezy Blue via the Breezy Smart Controller in new and more effective ways.

Maximum fog timeBreezy Blue fogs classroom

The Breezy Smart Controller can now set a maximum fogging time of 30 minutes. Previously, the limit was 4 minutes. This extended time gives users the ability to fog until the tank is empty. For most applications, 15 seconds to 1 minute of fogging is adequate, but this option is now available for specific circumstances.

Remove old devices

Old, out-of-range devices can now be removed/forgotten. Devices that show up on the device list with a “?” indicate that the device is not currently on or in range. That device (and all other devices with a “?” will be removed from the device list by selecting “remove old devices."  If that device comes in range again later, it will be added back to the list.

Improved navigation

The device list now has simplified buttons at the top for refreshing, finding the nearest device, and settings.

controller navigation

Each device card now also has a menu button in the top right corner, where you can update firmware, sync time, and edit the name for your device.

controller card

Bug fixes

The Breezy Smart Controller App has only been around for a couple of months, so of course, some minor bugs have come up. These bugs have been fixed in this app update, allowing for a more reliable and quicker user experience.

These features and bug fixes were created with end-users in mind. The ability to fog for 30 minutes was requested by a customer, and because it was within our capabilities and something we saw as useful, we made this update.

If you are one of our customers and have any feedback, please feel free to contact us. We will continue to update our app and other products to suit your needs.