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Brown Supply's Success: Breezy Blue Enters North Baltimore Schools

When Brown Supply Company partnered with Build With Robots (BWR) earlier this year, they brought a new smart disinfection tool to Ohio. 

“Breezy Blue is a unit that we feel can be a game changer at a facility, and that makes us proud to be the company in this region representing it,” says Mark Yingst, President of Brown Supply. “The minibot has us excited, knowing that we can go to market with a product that is different from anything else being distributed.” 

Breezy Blue, the disinfecting fogger, adds something new and high-tech to Brown Supply’s product lineup. Although this partnership is still relatively new, Brown Supply’s first success story took place last month at North Baltimore Elementary School.  

The Problem with Electrostatic Sprayers 

Near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, North Baltimore Schools implemented electrostatic sprayers as their method of disinfection. However, this came with a few challenges.

  • First, the process left surfaces wet, so it couldn’t be used on electronics and had to be wiped off items, making the process longer.
  • Second, the equipment failed often and required replacement of parts regularly. This was costly and prevented custodians from disinfecting as often as needed.


As the new school year started, North Baltimore Elementary School needed a method of disinfecting that was quicker, more reliable, and just as effective at eliminating germs. 

The Solution: Breezy Blue Smart Fogger 

Breezy Blue caught North Baltimore School’s attention; they were intrigued by the idea of fogging as opposed to spraying. The smart fogger also has a limited number of moving parts that could potentially fail. The most compelling aspect of Breezy Blue was the automation. Rather than manually walking through and spraying every spot with a backpack sprayer, custodians could simply press a button and leave the room to be fogged. This allows for more thorough disinfection without any risk of breathing in the chemical, and it reduces labor time. Breezy Blue disperses a dry fog, so no residue is left behind. Plus, with the recent uptick in COVID cases, North Baltimore Elementary wanted a new tool to prevent and respond to student illness. 

How Brown Supply Works with Build With Robots 

Brown Supply has only been representing Breezy Blue for a short time but has shown their excitement for the product by bringing it to longtime customers like North Baltimore Schools. The company distributes many Jan-San products specifically in the education sector - a great fit for the smart disinfecting minibot. 

Yingst also expressed his satisfaction regarding working with BWR.  

“I can't leave out how great Christian Slough has done representing BWR,” said Yingst. “His patience with Brown Supply and the process of developing a new distributor has helped me go at a pace that may be slower initially, but I believe will gain a lot of momentum over the next few months.” 

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