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Rapid Growth of Cobots in APAC Region

At present, Collaborative Robot usage is growing faster in the Asia Pacific region than within Europe or the US. This Economic Times article describes the rapid growth of cobots in India, including applications in automotive, health care, education and research. Over the long term, this trend is likely to reverse with the US taking a leadership role. Note that according to the article, the Cobots work alongside human beings to enhance their productivity instead of replacing them, and contrary to popular perception, none of the companies that have deployed Cobots have laid off even a single employee because of it.

Cobot sales are projected to grow by more than 50% annually to around $5 Billion by 2022. Due to its relatively low energy costs and its technology-capable workforce, the US has a regional advantage in the development and deployment of automation solutions. Our mission at Build With Robots is to help catalyze the deployment of cobots into new markets. We believe that by providing training and access to this new technology, we can unleash the entrepreneurial and inventive spirits of our workforce. Our mission is to help launch market leading companies within many industries including manufacturing and automation solution providers.