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Sandia Green Clean fights rise of flu, COVID, & RSV cases with new Breezy Blue service

Sandia Green Clean announces partnership with Albuquerque tech company to better disinfect homes during cold and flu season and to fight the rise in COVID cases.

ALBUQUERQUE, SANTA FE and LOS ALAMOS, N.M., Nov. 9, 2023 PRNewswire-PRWeb -- Sandia Green Clean announces its latest service for its customers, Breezy Blue, a tech innovation from the Albuquerque-based company, Build with Robots. To help combat the rise of colds, flu, and COVID, this service uses automation and high-tech foggers to thoroughly disinfect homes from top to bottom, reaching and cleaning surfaces that typical cleaning teams cannot. Capable of total disinfection, Breezy Blue technology does not damage surfaces, including furniture or carpets. Even better, this extreme cleaning robot only takes minutes in each room and can be added to regular cleaning services offered by Sandia Green Clean.

For current Sandia Green Clean customers, the Breezy Blue service can be added on to any regular clean for an additional charge. For residents of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos areas who are interested in the service, Sandia Green Clean offers Breezy Blue technology as a standalone service — a great opportunity to disinfect your total home after an illness passes through your family or you see cases start to surge at schools, work, etc.

Furthermore, Breezy Blue can also be used in offices, classrooms, preschools, churches, and other places where the risk of infection is increased. And because total disinfection of each room only takes ten minutes, the service doesn't need to interfere with regular hours of operation.

Having been committed to the health and well-being of the community for over six years, Sandia Green Clean is proud to offer this innovative service to its customers and the communities and homes it cleans.

To book your Breezy Blue service, add the service to your recurring cleans, or to learn more, please contact Sandia Green Clean at 505-404-3071. Learn more about the partnership in this blog by Sandia Green Clean.


Brandon Schoen, Sandia Green Clean, 1 (505) 269-4505, 


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