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Brandon C. and Brandon S. w/ Breezy Blue

3 New Mexican Companies Elevate Residential Cleaning with Disinfection

Three New Mexico-based companies have come together to create a new product offering for residential cleaners to grow profits for their companies and make healthy spaces for the local community. Build With Robots (BWR), Sandia Green Clean (SGC), and Profit Cleaners all value sustainability, health, and simplicity when it comes to choosing and developing products.

BWR specializes in smart disinfection and creating healthy indoor spaces via robotics, automation, and cloud-connected smart devices. SGC is an Albuquerque-based residential cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products, employs New Mexicans to serve other New Mexicans, and offers dignified working conditions. Profit Cleaners, a company created by the owners of SGC, coaches other residential cleaners across the US and beyond, teaching them how to start, optimize, and grow a residential cleaning business in a better, smarter way.

Sandia Green Clean Prevents Illness with Build With Robots’ Breezy Blue™

In the summer of 2023, BWR first partnered with SGC to help them offer disinfection and deodorization services to their customers. This allowed SGC to offer a new service that would keep their customers safe during cold and flu season, and it set them apart from other residential cleaning companies. This new solution had to be simple, easy, and safe; Breezy Blue™ ticked all the boxes.

Breezy Blue™ is the absolute best way to thoroughly remove germs and odors from indoor spaces. It is simple; there is only one button on the device. It is easy to use and configure with the controller that comes with it. Last, it is safe - with Breezy BioPure™ RTU solution, homes can be rid of germs without any negative lingering effects. Breezy Blue™ disinfects with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (aHP) for efficient coverage in every room.

SGC found quick success with disinfection as an add-on service. Owners Brandon Condrey and Brandon Schoen increased from one Breezy Blue™ to four after their trial period, allowing several of their teams to disinfect homes across the city.

SGC infographic“Disinfection became an official addition to our regular cleaning services after we saw the potential of Breezy Blue to keep our local communities healthy,” says Brandon Condrey, Co-Owner of Sandia Green Clean. “This new service produced a net profit of $1,199.57 per month in the first few months, which makes it a great avenue for growing our business.”

"After the pilot success with Sandia Green Clean, BWR couldn't be more excited to partner with Profit Cleaners to launch an affordable program to help more entrepreneurs grow profits for their cleaning businesses," says Mark Castelo, Director of Marketing & Sales Enablement at BWR. "Together, three local companies are not just removing germs and deodorizing more homes; we're revolutionizing the industry with innovative technology, providing a pathway for business owners to shine brighter, and unlocking new avenues of profitability for small business owners."

Profit Cleaners & Build With Robots Develop a Residential Cleaning Program

After SGC's success with Breezy Blue™, Profit Cleaners also partnered with BWR to share the product offering with other residential cleaners in the US. Together, these companies developed a program based on the learnings and success of SGC. The program includes a new subscription option for BWR products, plus training and marketing materials to help cleaning service providers get started. Moving forward, Profit Cleaners and BWR are committed to continuous learning and optimization of this program to better serve residential cleaning companies around the US.

Residential cleaners across the country can start disinfecting with Breezy Blue™ today. See BWR’s Launch Promo Pricing to get started, or get more info here.


About Build With Robots: 

Build With Robots was founded in 2017 to provide employees better tools to better tackle unfulfilling and undesirable work. Today, our Breezy smart disinfection systems disinfect and deodorize in a safer, more effective, and ecofriendly way, while minimizing arduous labor.  We help create healthy spaces for employees, students, and visitors to thrive. We do this because we believe in the dignity and value of work and in the people who do that work. For more information, visit 

About Sandia Green Clean: 

Sandia Green Clean opened its doors in the summer of 2017 as a solution for local families across Albuquerque looking for a better way to care for their homes. Our top-of-the-line cleaning services allow you to get back time – something that very few of us feel like we have much of. Our expertly trained teams know exactly how you want your home to look and feel, and they deliver every time.  

About Profit Cleaners: 

PROFIT CLEANERS IS HERE FOR ONE REASON: To help cleaning business owners around the country experience more success in every aspect of their lives. Not only do we want to help you make more money, but we want you to enjoy owning your business. We know that local businesses are special, especially when they’re set up for success.

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