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Breezy Blue

What Sets Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers Apart from the Rest?

Even before 2020, many disinfecting methods were available, such as foggers, electrostatic sprayers, UV lights, and more. Then, with the start of the pandemic, the disinfection market became saturated with many versions of the same few products. Many of these products broke easily, were costly to maintain, and required extra labor.

Disinfectant fogging has many advantages (read more: The Advantages of Fogging). It is a commonly used method because of its ability to fully cover a room and remove germs from hard-to-reach spots, like fabrics, underneath furniture, and between items.

So, how can a fogger be improved? How can innovation make a noticeable difference in a task as simple as disinfectant fogging?

These are the questions Build With Robots asked when the need for disinfection skyrocketed just a few years ago. This led to the creation of Breezy One™, an autonomous fogging robot. Soon after, a smaller, easier to use minibot was designed: Breezy Blue™, the Smart Fogger. Automation and efficiency are two major ways that Breezy Blue™ stands apart from other foggers.


doorway fog_crop

Quicker, Safer Disinfection

Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers are quicker, require less labor, and report more efficiently than other foggers. With the recommended Breezy solutions, a room can be fogged with just 30 to 90 seconds of runtime. Other disinfectants and foggers can require 5 or more minutes of fogging for a room of similar size. Plus, because Breezy Blue™ can cover an entire room from the doorway, operators can disinfect one room, pick up the device, close the door, and quickly move onto the next room. Other foggers typically need to be in the center of a room, meaning the fog needs to settle (taking 20 or more minutes) before a person can re-enter without PPE.

Scheduled Operation = Minimal Labor

Additionally, with the accompanying Smart Controller, Breezy Blue™ can run autonomously on a regular schedule. This is a game-changer for facilities with regular schedules, such as schools, daycares, and clinics - no labor is needed, and the smart foggers can disinfect every night while the building is unoccupied. With a Breezy Blue™ in every room, the only task needed is refilling the devices. Other than that, disinfection is completely automated, and workers can focus on other tasks.

Monitoring & Reporting

The Smart Controller also has monitoring and reporting capabilities that most foggers do not offer. With one controller, all units within 200 feet can be monitored, displaying tank status, devices in use, and update status on the home page. Each device has a log of fogging events, so users can check when a space has been disinfected or how often a Breezy Blue™ has been used. Additionally, the controller can stop and start each device as needed.


Full Coverage with Less Solution

Most foggers have similar coverage capabilities, covering an entire room with disinfectant solutions without missing spots. However, Breezy Blue™ has high-tech foggers that release the solutions more efficiently, using about 7.5 ounces (0.06 gallons) per minute. This process, coupled with one of the highly effective Breezy chemistries, allows for full coverage while using less solution than alternative products. Plus, Breezy chemistries are hydrogen-peroxide based and leave no residue, so they are safe around papers, electronics, and other items.


Breezy Blue™ is recommended to be used with hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, creating a fog of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide, or aHP (learn more: Automating aHP for Disinfection). This combination allows for the removal of odors caused by bacteria. Organic odors, such as in gyms and locker rooms, homes with pets, and commercial kitchens, can be removed with regular aHP fogging.

5-Year In-Service Life

filling bb

Another way that Breezy Blue™ sets itself apart from other disinfecting methods is its in-service life. The smart fogger is built to last 5 years, much longer than competitors, with minimal maintenance. As long as the devices are filled with solution, kept clean, and updated as needed, they will continue working for several years.

Build With Robots’ mission is to automate unfulfilling and undesirable work via automation. Rather than replacing human jobs, devices like Breezy Blue™ are created to make a single task (disinfection) easier for custodians, first responders, residential cleaners, and others who need to disinfect their spaces. By focusing on automation and efficiency, Build With Robots has created a product that takes regular fogging to a new level.


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