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Breezy Blue

Innovation at the WORTH Center Creates a Healthier Environment

Brown Supply deploys 8 Breezy Blue™ units at the WORTH Correctional Facility to help reduce infectious disease outbreaks, eliminate odors, and save staff time. 



Ineffective Methods, Time, and Odor

In 2023, the WORTH Center was looking for ways to be the most innovative and caring Community-Based Correctional Facility. With 108 individuals being rehabilitated at the site, facility cleanliness is crucial to their operations. When outbreaks occurred (COVID-19, Influenza, common cold), inmates would have to forego their rehabilitation classes, and staff had to reallocate time to unplanned, responsive disinfection. Additionally, because inmates are not allowed to leave the facility, when outbreaks did happen they often persisted for weeks if not months. 

Josh Rone, Facilities and Operations at the WORTH Center, looked for technology to be part of the solution in reducing infectious disease. UV lights were one method the facilities team tried (learn how Breezy Blue™ compares to other Disinfection Methods).

  1. UV-C disinfection is only effective on flat surfaces, so shadow zones were missed.
  2. UV-C disinfection took too much time to disinfect a single space, needing 10-minutes of exposure before being able to eliminate pathogens.
  3. Even when UV-C disinfection was used routinely, outbreaks continued to persist.


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Infectious Disease

Working with their local distributor, Brown Supply, the WORTH Center deployed 5 Breezy Blue™ Smart Foggers to increase efficiency and reduce infectious disease spread (see how Breezy Blue™ makes disinfection better, faster, and safer). Breezy Blue™'s aerosolized hydrogen peroxide technology enables it to disinfect most shared spaces in just 50 seconds.  The facility uses Breezy Blue™ to disinfect and deodorize routinely throughout the entire facility - dorms, group rooms, offices, bathrooms, and the day room floor.

“With Breezy Blue™ you can tell there’s a difference... the odor is gone, we have less outbreaks, and our staff feels safer,” said Rone. 

deodorize 1

Added Bonus of Deodorization

When Rone recognized the that Breezy Blue™’s chemistry, Breezy BioCare RTU™, also had deodorization capabilities, he purchased 3 additional units to help with odor in spaces like the bathrooms that were previously unfazed after UV-C exposure (learn how Breezy Blue™’s aerosolized hydrogen peroxide deodorizes).  

“The first time we ran Breezy Blue™ in the bathroom, we received several compliments on it being the freshest it's ever smelled.”


Breezy Blue™’s simplicity has enabled the WORTH Center to routinely disinfect and keep their facility healthy.

“You put it in the space, you hit the button, it is disinfected. It saves a lot of time and it’s very simple.”